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cognitive dissonance

1.26 - 3.25.2016

Cognitive Dissonance collects nine artists who, in the words of curator Anthony Merino, "hold a contrary view." Merino holds that societies, like ceramics, are only as perfect as the materials out of which they are made. Since human beings are the raw material out of which societies are crafted, and no human being is perfect, one might be tempted to take a dim view of our society. But the artists selected in Cognitive Dissonance affirm through their work that imperfection is essential--however, what imperfection is essential to, is open to interpretation. The works of these nine artists, like our societies and institutions, are lively experiments both short-lived and perpetual.

For more information, contact our Associate Curator, Ashleigh Shuler, by email at or call 864.582.7616 x 254.

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