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furnace and flame

4.24 - 7.5.2015


Dean Allison 

Rick Beck 

Alex Bernstein 

Kate Bernstein 

William Bernstein 

Jennifer Bueno 

Thor Bueno 

David Chatt 

Shane Fero 

Robert Gardner

Robert Levin 

Harvey Littleton 

John Littleton 

Kate Vogel

Furnace and Flame: Contemporary Studio Glass offers viewers opportunities to engage with one of the world’s most ancient and beautiful art mediums in a contemporary context. Curated by Kate Vogel and John Littleton, the selected works reflect a survey of studio processes used in glass making from blowing and casting to flamed and fabricated.

For more information, contact our Associate Curator, Ashleigh Shuler, by email at or call 864.582.7616 x 254.

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