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jonathan brilliant

5.17 - 8.2.2018

Jonathan Brilliant began his "Goldsworthy of the coffee shop" project in 2006, utilizing a coffee shop as his natural environment and objects such as wooden stirrers and cardboard sleeves as his materials. A recipient of the South Carolina Arts Commission Visual Arts Fellow award in 2012, Brilliant has created large site specific installations using these most mundane of everyday disposable materials. 


For more information, contact our Associate Curator, Ashleigh Shuler, by email at or call 864.582.7616 x 254.

This exhibition is supported by the South Carolina Arts Commission, South Carolina Arts Foundation, and First Citizens Bank.

This exhibition is generously sponsored by The Arkwright Foundation, Bagwell Fence, the Sikanas Family Charitable Fund, Kerin Hannah, Susu + George Dean Johnson Jr, Margaret + George Nixon, Bob's Car Wash, Wakefield Automotive Group, and Barnet Development.

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