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traditions : compounded

2.21 - 5.5.2019

For centuries, drawing has been a preparatory process. Taking charcoal, graphite, or ink to surface was to prepare for the painting, sculpture, or building. Drawing for the sake of self-expression began in earnest at the turn of the twentieth century. Since then, artists have pushed the boundaries of our traditional ideas of what constitutes a drawing; from the processes they employ, to the materials they choose. 

Similarly, when we think of traditional Western paintings, our associations connect with portraits, landscapes, and still life. It wasn't until Abstract Expressionism, working in a post-WWII New York, did the world recognize that artists were not interested in solely representing the world around them. They were committed to painting internal landscapes, emotions, and their abstract ideas about politics and religion. 

Traditions : Compounded presents a collection of nine artists that broaden our notions of traditional fine art genres. These artists transport drawing and painting into territories that are ever-expanding and filled with new ideas, materials, and unique individual creative practices. 

For more information, contact our Associate Curator, Ashleigh Shuler, by email at or call 864.582.7616 x 254.

This exhibition is generously sponsored by The Arkwright Foundation, Bagwell Fence, the Sikanas Family Charitable Fund, Kerin Hannah, Susu + George Dean Johnson Jr, Margaret + George Nixon, Bob's Car Wash, Wakefield Automotive Group, and Barnet Development.

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