permanent collection

The Spartanburg Art Museum’s mission is to serve the citizens of Spartanburg and surrounding areas by providing them access to the very best contemporary as well as historically significant art and art education. As important to this mission as assembling varied exhibitions of the highest-quality contemporary and historic art in the Museum’s gallery spaces, is collecting individual works or groups of work representative of such trends.  While preserving such works for future generations, the Museum also endeavors to make them available to current ones in ways which advance its stated mission. 

The Spartanburg Art Museum is committed to continue acquiring works of outstanding quality, to diversifying and expanding the range of its permanent collection, to addressing changing historical narratives through its acquisitions and holdings, and as always, to making the finest art and artists more accessible to all of the diverse citizens and communities which Spartanburg incorporates.  

For inquiries into our Permanent Collection, or to schedule an appointment to view a piece in person, please call 864.582.7616 or email

collection policy

All works of art proposed for acquisition are considered through the same procedures, whether offered as purchase, gift or bequest, or allocated by the local government. Proposals are discussed and assessed by the Museum’s curatorial staff, and their recommendations are considered by the Acquisitions Group. This includes the Executive Director, the Collections Manager, and the Exhibitions Coordinator. Final assessments are made by the Executive Director and the Permanent Art Collections Committee, which includes members of the Board and meets on a monthly basis. All decisions, however, rest ultimately with the full Board of Directors. Archive acquisitions also go through the same process and are submitted to the Board of Directors for decision.      


acquisition funding

The Spartanburg Art Museum’s Permanent Collection and archive collection are built by purchase, gift and bequest, as well as by works allocated by the local government. Maintenance of, conservation of, research on, and supervision of the Permanent Collection is funded primarily by an endowment provided by the Palmetto Bank, but is also supported by individuals and by funding groups established by the Museum. The Permanent Art Collections Committee makes formal recommendations to the full Board of Directors whereupon they are submitted to a vote. Final decisions about all proposed acquisitions, loans, and de-accessions are made through this process. The core of the Permanent Collection is comprised of gifts, bequests, and purchases from local artists.