Create with Clay Kit

Experience the entire process of clay creation from the comfort of your home workspace, at your leisure! Explore the basic techniques of hand-building--pinch, coil, and slab--through a variety of fun and age-appropriate materials. 


This kit includes:


  • a Masonite work surface (pick-up only - cannot be shipped)
  • written instructions
  • a link to five video tutorial projects (with full closed captioning) featuring instructor Cathie Layton
  • all the air-dry clay, tools, templates, and other miscellaneous materials you need to craft these projects


Kits can be picked up at SAM or mailed to you for an additional fee.


SAM's new "to-go" classes are take-home projects you can complete at your leisure from the comfort of your own home. You can pick up your kit at the Museum or have it shipped to you in a USPS flat rate box. A Masonite board for clay rolling can be picked up at the Museum upon request (Masonite boards cannot be shipped.) A plastic or silicone cutting board (not included) is great for rolling out clay, but use it for clay only--do not use a cutting board for food preparation after it has been used for clay.


Click here to view all of our to-go class offerings!

Create with Clay Kit

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