wednesdays  |  10.16 - 11.6.2019  |  6 - 8 pm | 4 weeks

INSTRUCTOR: Bill Barrick


Sacred geometry is all around us—from the Celtic cross, Persian geometric patterns, and nautilus shells to crop circles and manhole covers! Using a compass and a ruler, explore geometric constructions to create precision designs and embellish them with watercolor and colored pencil.


Supplies to bring to class

  • Draftsman’s or Architects Compass (must be of the type that adapts for pencils or markers -”Universal Adapter” Important: Consult with instructor before purchasing)  $15-$25
  • 12” straight edge $2
  • 11” x 14” Sketchbook $12
  • Colored pencils, watercolor / brushes as needed

Sacred Geometry | wednesdays 6-8 pm with Bill Barrick

  • Pre-registration is required for all classes and students are only registered when payment has been received. In order for instructors to plan properly, students should register at least one (1) week before the start date of the class. If you register less than one week before class, the class fee will increase by $10.

free admission


monday | closed to the public

tuesday-saturday | 10am-5pm

sunday | 1-5pm

200 e saint john street spartanburg sc 29306

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