Intro to Oil Painting

ages 17+ | limit 12 students

  • Starts Jun 9
  • 200 US dollars
  • 200 East Saint John Street


Over these 6 weeks we will be looking closely at canvas preparation, understanding composition, value study, color study, underpainting, glazing, what brushes to use and when to use them plus much more. Oil painting is a very forgiving medium if approached in the proper manner. 2D Studio classroom is located on the second floor of the Montgomery Building of the Chapman Cultural Center. Materials list for art class: 1 eraser, 1 hb pencil, 1 sketch pad, 1 pad of palette paper or 1 medium sized palette. 1 pad of canvas paper, 1 double mixing cup ( clip on), 1 small bottle of liquin (original- avoid detail liquin). 1 small bottle of refined linseed oil, 1 bottle of odorless paint thinner, 1 container for cleaning brushes, 1 roll of kitchen paper ( paper towels), 1 pre primed canvas ( size optional- don't buy a canvas that's to big if this is your first oil painting 16”x20” max). Pink Soap- Brush Cleaner Paints: Winsor and Newton are a reasonably priced good quality student brand. Tip: do not spend over $8 on a tube of oil paint. Professional quality paint can cost upward of $25 per tube. Avoid "Artisan" which is a Winsor and Newton brand and is often on display beside oil paints. Artisan are a new product in the world of painting. They are water based oil paints. They cannot be mixed with regular oil paints. Colors you will need: Burnt umber, Payne’s Gray, titanium white, oxide of chromium ( green), Naples yellow, viridian green, burnt sienna, raw sienna, lemon yellow, yellow ochre, French ultramarine, rose madder (red), cadmium red, phthalo blue. ( depending on subject matter other colors may be needed). Brushes you need: size 2,4, 6 long handled filbert (a variety of filbert brushes is important). 1” or 1/2 “ flat brush 1/2" soft haired blending brush. Size 0 and 1 short haired round brushes. 1 script liner or rigger brush. Optional: 1 can of Windsor and Newton Spray varnish ( Satin finish). Brushes: reasonably priced good quality brushes available at,1,AuN2FdcNMu98VqZcR-FYSDxozEWvM1VRxAbhYTgPV-afSwDF_QFp6oD-2b9EaXbkEW1PpDxJRgllWqXlq-HdcKWawJwauG6Ro1yfdCO8&typo=1 Books: The Artists Handbook by Ray Smith 1500 Color Mixing Recipes by William F. Powell ( Both available on Amazon) Viewing: Tom Keating on Painters- UTube Fake or Fortune- Amazon Prime. Both are great series and history lessons on many of the methods used by the masters.


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