art school policies + procedures

By enrolling in a Spartanburg Art Museum class, camp, or workshop, you agree to adhere to the following policies. For more information, please contact our Art School Coordinator, Taylor Emmons, at 864.582.7616 x 237 or email

class cancellation due to inclement weather

In the event of inclement weather, a class, workshop, or camp may be cancelled. Cancellation of a children's class or camp follows cancellation of School District 7 (if District 7 schools have closed, then the children's classes or camps will be cancelled.) Cancellation of adult classes will be determined by Spartanburg Art Museum staff. Notification of a cancellation is sent as soon as possible by Spartanburg Art Museum staff. Make-up days will be scheduled no less than five days after cancellation. If no make-up day is scheduled, a portion of the class tuition fee may be refunded.

refunds, credits, and cancellation/withdrawal policy

If we do not meet minimum registration, class will be cancelled and students will be given a full refund. If registration occurred through our website, refunds will be issued through PayPal /Square minus a small PayPal/Square administration fee. Otherwise, a check will be mailed to you in approximately two weeks.

If a student has to withdraw from a class five or more working days before the class is scheduled to begin, a refund will be issued minus a SAM $20 administrative fee. If a student withdraws from a class five working days or less before a class is scheduled to begin, the class fee will not be refunded.

medical release

I hereby hold the Spartanburg Art Museum harmless for injury, accident, or loss of property that may occur during any Spartanburg Art Museum activity wherever conducted, except damages resulting directly from negligence on the part of the Spartanburg Art Museum or its agents. In the event of an accident or illness involving my child or myself, I hereby authorize the Spartanburg Art Museum to arrange for transportation of my child or myself, whether by ambulance or otherwise to a proper facility where emergency medical treatment would normally be administered, including but not limited to an emergency room of a hospital, a doctor's office, or medical clinic; and sign releases as may be required in order to obtain any medical or surgical treatment as is immediately required in the judgement of medical authorities at the facility.

permission to photograph

I grant the Spartanburg Art Museum, its representatives, and employees the right to take photographs or video of my child or myself and/or my property in connection with the class, workshop, or camp in which my child or myself is enrolled. I authorize the Spartanburg Art Museum, its assigns and transferees to copyright, use, and publish the same in print and/or electronically. I agree that the Spartanburg Art Museum may use such photographs or video of my child or myself with or without my name for any lawful purpose, including such purposes as publicity, advertising, and web content. I also acknowledge that my personal information, including but not limited to my name, mailing address, and email address, will not be sold or shared by the Spartanburg Art Museum, its representatives, or employees.

covid-19 response | opening in-person classes

LAST UPDATE: 8/17/2021 Your well-being and ours is important to us. Therefore, in response to COVID-19 we are working diligently to enhance your learning experience by instituting the following measures: personal protective equipment In accordance with local guidance, all instructors and students need to wear a mask or other face covering, regardless of vaccination status, to stop the spread of the deadly Delta and Lambda variants of COVID-19. enhanced cleaning protocol We use disinfecting cleansers and wipe down high-touch surfaces between each class, camp or workshop, including table and counter tops, chairs, light switches, and cabinet/door handles. We disinfect all communally available tools and materials used during class. Both hand sanitizer and soap are available near the sinks in both studios for student use. if supplies are running low, please inform your instructor or call 864.582.7616 and let SAM staff know to replenish. additional measures
We have eliminated the need for students/parents of students to handle and/or exchange paper with instructions or administration, including student sign-in sheets, parent check-out sheets, and paper evaluations.
A no-touch hand sanitizing station is available upon entrance of the Montgomery Building where classrooms are located. Additional hand sanitizer pumps are in each studio classroom for student and instructor use. Doors to each studio will be propped open to eliminate touching door handles. 2d studio classroom
For adult classes, we have reduced class sizes to 8 in order to institute 6 feet of social distancing between students. For children's classes and camps, class limit is 12 students to allow for 3 feet of social distancing according to CDC recommendations (as of 3/22/2021). ceramics studio
We have reduced class sizes to 5 students for wheel throwing and 4 students for handbuilding classes, reconfigured furniture, and removed extra wheels to institute social distancing between students. summer camps
The student exhibition at the end of camp week has been eliminated; instead, campers will take their projects home once they are completed. Food and drink will not be provided, and campers must bring food from home.
Children are required to wash hands before and after snack breaks. A sink, soap, and paper towels are available in each classroom; only one child at a time is permitted at the sink.
Parents will pick up/drop off their child(ren) at the entrance to the classroom, one family member at a time. We request that family/guardians practice social distancing while waiting to deliver/retrieve their child(ren).