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privacy policy

Spartanburg Art Museum takes your privacy seriously. For more information, give us a call at 864.582.7616 or email



In order to strengthen the its ability to deliver under its stated aims and serve the public interest, the Spartanburg Art Museum owns or manages 3 types of Intellectual Property (IP),  all of which are available for use under the conditions of public copyright license CC BY-NC-ND. 

Any use of Spartanburg Art Museum’s IP which does not conform to the conditions of said license will be subject to legal action, including, but not limited to, a DMCA takedown notice issued to the infringer's website host and other service providers, such as search engines and ad networks.

The types of IP owned or managed by SAM are as follows:


Owned or held copyright-protected assets

  • Photographic images of artifacts and artworks in museum collections and exhibitions

  • Audio recordings and publications, including, but not limited to: audioguides, exhibition guides and catalogs, labels, and signage

  • Audio-visual works

  • Multimedia productions whether on physical drives or available on the Internet

  • Publications, and educational material, whether in print or electronic

  • Databases of information about collections


Trademark Law-protected assets

  • The museum’s name and all identifying logos or graphic work

  • The areas of the building wherein the Museum is housed as concerns their use in video or photography

  • Titles of exhibitions and programs

  • The packaging or color of museum-based objects

  • Works of art wherein the work is inherently tied to the museum in such a way that patrons will immediately be reminded of the institution or the artwork when thinking of either, including, but not limited to, “The Girl with Red Hair” by Robert Henri.


Trade Secrets

  • Academic activities, such as the contextualization of information about collections, written by the curators and employees of the Museum

  • Technologies, such as specialized collections management methods and technical applications; specialized html code; scientific conservation techniques; business methods concerning various social media and e-commerce platforms

  • In the administration of the museum, such as its database of patrons, donors and sponsors, its business practices and methods concerning fund-raising; its organizational management structures

  • ICANN-registered domain names which perform functions similar to trademarks or include trademarks and trade names held by the Museum, including, but not limited to:,,,


Conditions for use of IP


  1. Licensees may copy, distribute, display and perform the work only if they give the Spartanburg Art Museum credits (attribution) in accordance with the following conditions:

    1. (Where applicable) Copyright notices placed by Spartanburg Art Museum (the copyright holder) must be left intact, or reproduced in a way that is reasonable to the medium in which the work is being re-published.

    2. The Spartanburg Art Museum is cited by name.  If the work is published on the internet, the licensee must include the Spartanburg Art Museum’s handle, screen name, or user ID appropriate to the platform where the work is being published, or, where the is no such applicable ID, include a link to

    3. The name or title of the program, exhibition, event, author, or other work is cited

    4. In cases where a substantial amount of content is being reproduced, the license under which the work is being used is cited.

  2. Licensees may copy, distribute, display, and perform the work, but only for non-commercial purposes.

  3. Licensees may copy, distribute, display and perform only verbatim copies of the work, not derivative works and remixes based on it.


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