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Art + Science Exhibit

7.18 - 9.30.2024


Kevin Baldwin

Eric William Carroll

Atsuko Chirikjian

Erin Eithridge

Bojana Ginn

Kim Keever

Kathleen Schroeder

Austin Sheppard

Art + Science brings together a group of artists working in a variety of media–including photography, sculpture, printmaking, video and immersive projection–whose creative process intersects with science. Science is often considered an exacting discipline, one that is far removed from artistic expression.  But art and science can beautifully converge in many ways. Scientific processes such as chemical reactions, light theory or digital algorithms can be used to create photography and video.  The intricate beauty of cells in a microscope, the abstract energy of computational diagrams, and questions about our natural environment can inspire art that, like science, seeks to understand and describe the world around us. This exhibit celebrates the curiosity and creativity that drive both scientists and artists, inviting you to discover new perspectives on our world.

This exhibition is generously sponsored by Michele + Halsey Cook

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