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[create]ures: animals in contemporary art

11.21.2019 - 2.9.2020

Animals have stirred and fueled the human imagination since we began making art over forty thousand years ago. Perhaps it is our reliance on them for our survival, or perhaps it is our deep reverence of their strength and beauty, or perhaps it is the knowledge that our ecological habits have caused species to go extinct. Regardless the motivation, our fascination hasn’t waned. The work in this exhibition represents our continued affection for animals, both real and imagined.

For more information, contact our Associate Curator, Ashleigh Shuler, by email at or call 864.582.7616 x 254.

​This exhibition is generously sponsored by
The Arkwright Foundation, Bagwell Fence, Bob's Car Wash, Caroline + Brooks Crenshaw, Susan W. + Russel Floyd, Susu + George Dean Johnson Jr, Vicki + Tom Nederostek, and Margaret + George Nixon.

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